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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A piece I wrote about writing

January 31, 2010

My first blog post had the wrong date! This one is correct. Since I am putting myself out there as a writer, I thought I'd share something I wrote while in the MFA program at Vermont College. I hope you enjoy it.

Spent more time in the grocery store reading labels with Scott as we shopped. After surgery I won't be eating anything that has more then 5 grams of sugar.

To Write Is
Andrea Silva McManus

To write is to spill your blood, secrets, hopes, rants and desires on the page.

To write is to let go and let words flow.

To write is to face demons and dance with them, learn from them.

To write is to not disregard your own voice, no matter what the experts tell you.

To write is to birth yourself a second time; it can save your life.

To write is to put your butt in the chair until the words come.

To write is to put your work away when the words won’t come, they always return.

To write is to live fully, to flow, glow and let it go.

To write is to dare to tell stories people thirst for truth and fiction.

To write is to disembowel yourself and let everyone see your damaged bloody insides.

To write is to hope in the face of reality that there is meaning to be found in your life.

To write is trust the words will come like bright shooting stars streaking across your mind.

To write is to live and teach.


  1. A-I like it....especially the part about disemboweling yourself and letting everyone see the guts....(can def relate...)


  2. Yeah, that is the best line in the piece. If you want to email me anything you don't want to put on this blog you can reach me at

    Have a great week!