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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weight has stayed the same for three days and I am not engaging in any eating disordered thinking.

A big step in recovering from any eating disorder is to stop thinking in distorted ways about food, ones body and how much we weigh. I am now 15 days past my RNY Gastric Bypass. I'm walking two miles a day, following my food plan, healing well and feeling great.

I've dropped 18 lbs in this time. For the past three days my weight has stayed the same at 203. In the past when I was under the control of my eating disorder this would have upset me and likely ruined my day. No more! I know my body is taking a break and this could last a few weeks. I believe in my doctor, the education and counseling I've received and I am making all the right choices.

I am strong, hear me roar! Stay tuned and as always. Thanks for reading. Please sign up to follow my blog if you haven't. I'd love to have your support and thanks to those who have.


  1. Andrea you are amazing. My friend had this done as I watched what he could eat and not eat. He never exercised as he was in so much pain. I am so proud of you for walking so soon. I dont even walk as I work so many hours and by the time I ge home the last thing I want to do is walk. You have come along way and you need to know you have so many supporters behind you. God Bless you and may you continue your road to success.

  2. Andrea, Keep up the good work. I remember getting stuck after losing about 18 lbs. too! It took a while-my body was just readjusting. You have a great attitude. Success is mandatory!