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Monday, April 26, 2010

Debt linked to Obesity

This is a very interesting article about the two and a possible connection between them.

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  1. Hi Andrea, I'll have to check this out. I've always had both problems! I just found your comment below-You've lost 34 lbs? That's excellent! Your attitude and drive will have you slim and healthy before you know it!

    I wish I could do more walking. I have to have a good knee day to do it. Last weekend I filled my big flowerpots with soil and planted some frost resistant pansies. Carrying all that heavy dirt around was the hardest work all weekend. I moved about 8 40-lb bags into and out of the car, onto the dolly and into the flowerpots. Tonight it may snow!

    This weekend I'm determined to get my kayak out and go paddling. That is good exercise too. I've managed to get 10 lbs off now. 9 more to go before Onederland! Keep up the great work...Sherry