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Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Energy is through the roof!

It is amazing how much energy I have five weeks post op from my RNY. I'm down 25lbs and I can see a total difference. Total recovery time to full energy back is 8 weeks. So, my co-workers will have to strap themselves in when I go back to work. I understand now why some weight loss patients run marathons after losing lots of weight. All that energy has to go somewhere. I plan to use mine continuing to exercise, and writing my book.



  1. That's fabulous! I'm so glad to hear you have more energy now. I love following your blog. I wish you great success with your book.



  2. Hi Liz, I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog. I just signed up to follow yours. I am about to post a message that was very popular on Obesity Help.