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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post Gastric ByPass Poop Incident

Who knew the most popular thing I've written would be a post about, well, uhmm, poop after gastric by pass. I posted this on obesity help and it got over 200 views and 40 replies from people saying they were laughing so hard they were crying etc. Enjoy!


Okay, so you know as we move through the diets ahh, we can get a little constipated at times. So, this morning, I thought I was giving birth when I attempted to go. The dang thing was so hard it wouldn't flush after three attempts.

I got a plunger, the accordion type and used it. All seemed well....that is the key statement. I thought well I have to wash this thing off now. So I turned the water on scalding hot in the tub to rinse it and then clean and sanitize the tub.

To my shock and horror that damn plunger actually sucked up that turd which was the biggest I ever took in my dropped out of the plunger into the tub! Well, I let out a primordial howl and my husband comes crashing into the bathroom thinking I am dying. I'm mortified and don't want him to see "it.". All the while, I am thinking, "How the hell am I going to get that back into the toilet." Clearly, not having children I was grossed out by this. So I run into the kitchen to get paper towels. The dang thing stuck to the towels and I had a hard time getting it off the towels.

By now, I am laughing so hard I can barley see. It took my husband until tonight to really see the humor in it. I knew I had to share this with my lightweight friends.

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