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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some important lessons

The last few weeks my weight has remained the same which is normal as my body adjusts to the weight already lost. I tried some wine this week and decided I'm not going to do that again until I get to my goal. Why? Well, it just makes it too easy to not get all my vitamins in and it makes it easy to not get my exercises in. It does hit me a bit harder too, so I decided I just don't want to partake. Glad, I got that lesson over with early. Otherwise, all is well in my gastric by pass world.

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  1. Andrea, Life's little lessons! I agree. I've found quite a few things that I do not need to fill my self with-just not worth it. And there is so much good produce out there right now! Great vegies are the basis of most of my meals. Just reminding myself to eat enough protein and cut the unnecessaries! Have a great week...Sherry