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Monday, April 18, 2011

Transfer Behavior vs Addiction and Oh Yeah Me Too-Telling The Truth in My Writing

I came across a wonderful  interview of author Anne Lamott where she talked about why it is important for her to tell the truth in her writing and why she wants to hear the truth in others writers writing. She wants to read something that makes us realize that we are so human and that we can identify with their experience. We say, "Oh me too, I know what that feels like."

This gives me continued courage to write about the scariest parts of the emotional process I'm going through and anyone who goes through significant weight loss, especially those who do so with weight loss surgery as one of their tools in their weight loss tool box.

I want readers to be able to gain courage to face their  own demons and struggles by reading about my own and say, "Oh yeah, me too. You did it, I can do it." This is why writing about transfer addiction is so important and so scary at the same time. What is transfer addiction? It is engaging in a different compulsive behavior rather the over, addiction and compulsive are words that are very loaded for me give the fact I've had family members at the great grand parent level that were raging alcoholics and set in path a family dynamic that was one of the major factors in my developing an eating disorder. So when I began drinking red wine six months after surgery and experienced its drastically different effects on the body, meaning you are buzzed very quickly it was a scary experience. I was able to get this under control and stopped drinking all together because it wasn't helpful in any way. However, I was never addicted and I think it would be useful in the weight loss surgery community to have a discussion about calling this transfer behavior in its beginning stages. I think this would reduce the shame involved with battling and understanding compulsive behavior that is damaging to one's physical and mental health.

Something to think about.

Make it a great day!


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