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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Well Stocked Pantry and Cooking Your Own Food

My journey to being a good cook and studying the culinary arts at the New England Culinary Institute where I am a professor of philosophy, writing, and ethics has been a long one.

First off, I didn't come from a family interested in cooking except for my maternal grandfather who loved to make New England Clam Chowder. Here is a recipe I've tried and liked.

Everyone else in my family were basically "reheaters." We ate highly processed food that was convenient not necessarily nutritious. Give the fact my mother was a diabetic this puzzles me, but then again she didn't grow up learning to cook. Of course I am thankful there was food on the table, but if I had grown up in a family that valued good food, and who understood the value of exercise, I know I would never have been obese in the first place. Except for sweet corn in late summer, I don't think I ever saw a vegetable that didn't come out of can. And, nobody in my family made any kind of exercise a regular event.

I was an active kid and we had a pool in the backyard but we never explored fitness and exercise and why they are important to good health. I did play sports in high school, but as I moved into adulthood I didn't have an established exercise routine. I do now and will soon write a post about that. I exercise at least five days a week and my eventual goal is at least 30 minutes of activity every day.

In any case, it was a matter of health that led me to want to learn to cook, but that didn't happen until I came to NECI. I slowly realized being surrounded by people who are passionate about food all day, that I had an eating disorder and that my relationship with food was either love or hate. I either tended
towards anorexic tendencies starving myself or overeating.

That was six years ago. I now weigh 70lbs less, am a good cook and learn on a daily basis about food. I need a lot of intellectual stimulation in my life, so learning about food is perfect. There is a limitless
amount of knowledge to inquire about.

So, how to you get started? Well, you could sign up for daily recipes from the following site. Explore a cuisine you enjoy and try a dish. To get ready learn how to stock a pantry. Here my top three sites I use:

Bon Appetite' and Make it a great day!

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