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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For Better or Worse In Sickness and in Health: Marriage Vows

It is essential to be able to talk about ones struggle to recover from an eating disorder with those we love most. I have been doing so with my husband during my struggle, but particularly in the last few days where I am really beginning to see the extent of my self destructive habits. I have a doctors appointment Thursday with a new doc in my primary care physicians office, one who specializes in working with people who've had bariatric surgery. I am going to write a brief letter, way easier then trying to tell  her and will take less time too and ask for a treatment plan to help me get back on track to good health.

When I asked my husband how is able to handle watching me go through such a tough process he said, "I believe the words were, "for better or worse." That has given me all the motivation I need in order to take this many headed dragon my eating disorder and wrestle it to the ground until its dead.

Make it a great day.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm Struggling to Take My Suppliments and Paying the Price: Finding What Works

I recall before I had surgery thinking "How can someone not take their supplements?" Why would you go through gastric bypass and not do so. Well the answer is a bit complicated and I'm working may way through understanding this for  myself.

I've never been great at self care which is how I originally became obese, but not taking care of  myself and choosing food to calm myself to deal with the stresses of life which I've had way more then my share.

The last nine months have been very stressful financially for us and myself care has really fallen off. I am experiencing symptoms of Vitamin B-12 deficiency, I am chronically dehydrated, haven't been taking my calcium regularly, not sleeping well.  I went to visit my surgical team last week and thankfully they don't berate us, like my first surgeon did. They didn't need to. I knew I was and am about the most unhealthy I've ever been. This has to change. It is just sad and frustrating that I let myself get into such bad shape before I actually scare myself into taking better care of myself.

I just scheduled my annual physical, which I am of course overdue for and am going to talk openly and honestly about my struggles over the past year. I've ordered some new supplements designed for people who've had gastric bypass. I am going to arrange to have a B-12 shot each month and I am going to take care of  myself.

Wish me luck.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meet Hungry Girl: Wonderful Resouce for Lower Fat and Calorie Recpies

Hi everyone, I was on the spinning bike the other day watching Food TV where I get lots of inspiration for new dishes. With my cooking knowledge and experience I can often figure out how to alter them to make them healthier. I happened across a show with this chef. She was talking about how when Americans go to a barbecue it is not unheard of to take in 3000 calories in one meal. That is a huge amount considering I am still aiming for 1200-1400 as I try to drop my last 40 lbs. In this show, she made a substitute for potato salad that often fools people into thinking it is potato salad. This is made from cauliflower, egg whites, red onion, ranch dressing, Dijon mustard, low fat mayonnaise, low fat sour cream and a host of other items, but comes in at much healthier numbers. Check out her web site and you can find the recipe there. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why I've Not Posted Over the Past Few Days: Loss of Family Dog

Hello Everyone, this past Saturday night my beloved family dog Tank, a mixed breed of half Golden Retriever and a mix of other breeds including hound and probably German Shepard went into respiratory distress followed by a stroke and died in my arms.
We'd had four days of severe thunder and lightening storms and he was deathly afraid of these storms. We give him a sedative to help with the stress but four straight days of these storms with the last being the worst were just too much for this beautiful soul of a dog. He was about 13. We adopted him four years ago and he was some where between five and nine years old and we think perhaps now it was towards the older end.
We are doing better day by day and will get another dog, we have one remaining when we are ready but I just wanted to let readers know of my absence. The good news is that I am not over eating, drinking or thinking and I am coping in a healthy manner. If you have pets, give them some extra love today...