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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why I've Not Posted Over the Past Few Days: Loss of Family Dog

Hello Everyone, this past Saturday night my beloved family dog Tank, a mixed breed of half Golden Retriever and a mix of other breeds including hound and probably German Shepard went into respiratory distress followed by a stroke and died in my arms.
We'd had four days of severe thunder and lightening storms and he was deathly afraid of these storms. We give him a sedative to help with the stress but four straight days of these storms with the last being the worst were just too much for this beautiful soul of a dog. He was about 13. We adopted him four years ago and he was some where between five and nine years old and we think perhaps now it was towards the older end.
We are doing better day by day and will get another dog, we have one remaining when we are ready but I just wanted to let readers know of my absence. The good news is that I am not over eating, drinking or thinking and I am coping in a healthy manner. If you have pets, give them some extra love today...

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