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Friday, August 12, 2016

Hello World and the 30 people who used to follow this blog! I hope you all are still around and will get this message. I have decided to return to the world of blogging and learn as I go. I fell off the face of the blogging earth (at least it feels like that) five years ago without really trying. I was going through a living hell and wasn't ready to talk about it let alone write about it, so I just kind of stopped without realizing it, I even searched for my blog and was able to find it more on that in a later post when I do one about Brain Fog after alcohol abuse.

I am going to post to this blog as often as I can while I work on a new blog that will eventually take over for this one. The topics of eating, writing and moving will be areas in the new blog along with other topics like addiction. The new focus of the blog is going to be the topic of Alcoholism after Weight Loss surgery. I became an alcoholic after weight loss surgery and my new blog is going to chronicle that journey, what it was like, what I went through, how I entered Recovery and my journey to wellness, self acceptance and a healthier me. I have to decide what to call it, consult with a few blogging friends who have been at it for a while to learn what I didn't know the first time and then jump into it.

If I can even help one person not go through the living hell I did for the past six years or help those who care about or love some one who is or has experienced issues with alcohol post surgery, or prevent someone from going through it in the first place. I will achieve my goal. 

Blogging has helped so many people on personal journeys of all kinds. I know in my heart this is going to help me.

Stay tuned!